Personalized, one-on-one Virtual Reading Classes will be offered, using technology,
such as FaceTime or Zoom.

Instruction can begin immediately,
at your convenience.

Please contact Gina for more details:
903-841-2787 text/call or

Early Intervention is critical:

74% of children identified as having a reading disability in Grade 3
still had a reading disability in Grade 9
(Francis, Shaywitz, 1996)

In the safety and well-being of your own home,
individualized instruction is currently available
Call, text, or email today!

Previous Multisensory Reading Camps

  • A 2nd grade student is on a pre-k reading level and
    is very reluctant to read, especially in front of others.

    After a few sessions of dyslexia therapy with Gina,
    her 2nd grade teacher said that she is now volunteering to read aloud in class.
    The following is from her parent:

    “I love that her confidence is already growing. Her speech teacher also said that she's noticed a change. That she is trying to read everything that is put in front of her instead of waiting for her speech teacher to say it first!”
  • - Jessica
    "My son is loving camp. He came home tonight and was very excited about reading and decided to read a Dr. Seuss book to his brothers. He hasn't been this excited about reading since Kinder. It was great to see. Thank You!"
    - Jessica
  • - The Arias Family
    "The way Mrs. Underwood teaches phonics is so fun that my son just wants to keep going!! She really helps each child to meet his individual goals in a super fun way. As a Spanish native speaker, my son has gained so much confidence in reading English. We are just so grateful to have found her!"
    - The Arias Family
  • - Yvette
    "My child loved Gina’s reading camps. When he entered he lacked confidence in himself as a reader. He gained confidence, motivation and a love of reading from Gina. The homework she sends really helps too."
    - Yvette